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Capsule #10 – Welcome in Trois-Pistoles and les Basques region

Sleep in Les Basques

Eat in Les Basques

What to do in Les Basques

The route of the WOW  ( attractions and panoramas)

If you speak english and have ever wanted to learn french you might’ve heard about this beautifull city cause we’ve got the oldest langage immersion school in Canada.

During the summer touristic season, you have the choice to eather discover our magnificent panoramas in different hicking trails, along the St-lawrence river , the Trois-Pistoles river or many others. I’ve got a couple of excursions that I think you will totally love. Seal watching is one of them. Douzaines of seals gather each year in the area. You could sleep on the Basques Island as well, one of the mythic places where the Basques from europe put foot way before Jacques Cartier did. Or shoud I suggest a beautifull sunset on a kayak excursion on the St-lawrence river? You could even see many kinds of whales if you take our ferry.

Well, you could do all this and even more.

Feeling a little social? We have many cultural events and festivals all year long, from the story telling festival to the Beef festival to many winter carnavals. Talking about Winter, the season is as well a good moment to visit us and do many activities. Skiing, hicking, skidooing, snowshowing and fishing are few of them.

Like history and art? Don’t miss our museum or our differents art galleries.

Sleep in our many « B’n’Bs » that might even give you the idea to move here. Because you know….. the vue is just too gorgeous and the people too welcoming .

You’ll have to try our find cuisine . You wont believe all you can get and taste that is from the erea. From where you could eat many forest products such as our famous maple sirup, taste one of the best ‘poutine’ in the whole province, have our vanilla, strawberry or maple sirup ice cream, our cheez made in Trois-Pistoles, home brewed « La pistoloise » beer , local beef, wine, name it. And because of all this, don’t miss our summer weekly market.

On your next trip in Québec, there’s one place where you’ve gonna want to stop for a few days and maybe more and it’s the erea of Trois-Pistoles. In the Regional county municipality of les Basques in the Lower Saint-Lawrance area. We’re waiting for you!